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Shop Mascot 1952 Chevy

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This 1952 2 door Chevy styleline was purchased by me over six years ago and has been on the road for the last five. When it was brought home it was just a shell no trim no doorhandles no motor no interior and I didn't like the tall roof line so the first thing that was completed was the chopping of the roof 6 inches in front and seven and back it was also widened to keep the stock windshield angle and rear window angle. The frame was also modified and customized with a 1980 Chevy Camaro front subframe which then gives it the opportunity to have power steering power brakes and a V-8 with an automatic. Now the car drives down the road at highway speed with one finger. The headlights have also been recessed 5 inches, the front bumper is off of a 1954 Chevy and has been chopped narrowed and flipped upside down to give it a very sleek low look. The engine installed is a 350 ci Chevy and has been moderately built to have over 400 horse and runs on pump gas, the transmission is a three speed automatic, With a 2500 RPM stall converter which gets it off the line pretty well but definitely is not a race car. The car is well equipped with power windows and shaved doorhandles, Which has electric remote poppers as well as the trunk has remote popper. This is one hot rod that you can take on any road trip with no hassle.

Additional Info

  • Vehicle Information: Car
  • Make: Chevy
  • Model: Styleline
  • Year: 1952
  • Color: Black
  • Engine: 350

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